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wtf clubx.pngSo WTF is this all about?

Every day when we get dressed we need to make decisions. Sometimes we worry about what to wear, other days we're okay.

Sometimes we can get totally stressed about getting dressed. Unable to decide whether things are right for us or not. We might look okay but not feel nice. Your confidence can be affected by your ability to choose the right outfit.

The WTF Club (Wardrobe That's Fabulous) is about helping you make the right outfit decisions and boosting your confidence - so you look good, feel fabulous and can then go conquer the world!

Apply now to become a member

Having me, Lisa Newport, in your corner 7 days a week is so valuable. Think of it as having your own personal stylist in your life. Helping you define and refine your personal style. Showing you tips and tricks to support your journey and not only remove the stress from getting dressed but helping you look and feel the best version of you - easily. 

Lots of exclusive member benefits such as:

  • 15 minute coaching call on joining
  • daily tasks and challenges to guide your style journey
  • personalised advice, hints, tips and support
  • discount codes for carefully selected partners
  • club products and merchandise
  • lowest price to My Ruby Slippers Style Academy events/products
  • a sense of belonging, your club where we all get it

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask:

I loved the 21 Day Style Challenge, is it the same as that?

There are daily tasks and challenges that are designed to help you understand why you like what you like. There will be some days that are like 21 Day Style Challenge, other days will be more thought provoking. You can dip in and out of the tasks/challenges to suit your circumstances. 

Does this club duplicate your workshop content?

No. This club is designed to be a bridge between my group workshops and my one to one consultations. It means club members have ongoing access to a personalised advice.

Is there a minimum contract length?

No. Your subscription fee is taken at monthly intervals. You can cancel at any time.

Who is the club for?

It's for women who want virtual 'drop in' access to my wisdom and those who enjoy connecting with a like minded Style Squad in a safe, supportive environment. It's about giving you the confidence to explore and empowering you to experiment so that you develop or refine your personal style.

  • “Her insight, knowledge, enthusiasm and different approach has left me feeling more positive and confident than I have been in years! ”

    Family Law Solicitor

  • “Thank you Lisa for making me look and feel so much better. You are a miracle worker! ”

    CWP Consultant

  • “Lisa is knowledgeable, fun and a true expert in her field of colour and style.”

    Founder, Bodylogiq

  • “Made me think about what my style is, why there's stuff that's languishing in the wardrobe and why and what makes me feel great when I wear it!”

    Enterprise Advisor, NTU

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